Tag: Housing

Action 47

Support the preservation of agricultural and working lands, including rangelands, by limiting the conversion of these lands to residential or other uses through tools such as the creation of agricultural easements, particularly within high climate-hazard areas and SEAs.

Action 49

Expand the number and extent of transit oriented communities while ensuring that vital public amenities such as parks and active transportation infrastructure are included.

Action 50

Create an inventory of all publicly-owned land and facilities (belonging to the County and other jurisdictions) near existing and future public transit and identify opportunities for transit-oriented development.

Action 51

Create guidance language for joint development opportunities on County-owned land, drawing upon Metro's Joint Development Program, Policies, and Process and actively seek opportunities for joint development that improves transit access.

Action 52

Promote walkability through various tools, including zoning that enables a mix of uses, and pedestrian enhancements.

Action 53

Develop equitable design guidelines that promote high quality living environments for all.

Action 54

Implement tenant protection measures (e.g., Right to Counsel, rent escrow) to avoid displacement impacts from housing repairs and improvements, including those that are made to meet sustainable design guidelines, correct code violations, or address habitability issues.

Action 55

Implement substantive resident and small business protection measures to avoid displacement impacts from community investments, including rent control, just cause eviction, and "right-to-return" ordinances.

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