Goal 11

Inclusive, transparent, and accountable governance that encourages participation in sustainability efforts, especially by disempowered communities

Equity in sustainability policies and programs can be achieved only if a diverse, representative mix of residents are involved in development, implementation, and management. Communities can help to make sustainability programs more equitable where those programs incorporate their localized and lived experiences, histories, and perspectives.

Methods like participatory decision-making help to equip and engage residents to advance sustainability. This can help ensure the inclusion of groups that have been traditionally underrepresented and limited from decision-making spaces due to institutional discrimination and other barriers such as language, transportation, and financial and time costs.

The County will act to create a more inclusive and accountable governance structure in order to build stronger communities and better-informed policy and programs.



How will we work towards achieving this goal?

Strategy 11A

Create an inclusive governance structure

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Strategy 11B

Promote environmental stewardship and accessible education across different age, income, ethnicity, and language groups

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