Strategy 3D

Ensure that public investments do not facilitate displacement, particularly of disadvantaged communities

Public investments that affect neighborhoods, such as the LA River restoration and transit-oriented development, can impact area land values. This can in turn drive up the cost of housing and small business rents. Green gentrification is also of imminent concern as investments in urban greening and sustainability raise quality of life and property values and push out vulnerable residents.

Every year, the County conducts an analysis on affordable housing availability and need. In each report, a number of units are identified as "at-risk" for conversion to market-rate units in the face of major development, rising property values, and the lifting of affordability restrictions. These units, once converted to market rate, are extremely difficult to recover as affordable housing. Therefore we must protect existing affordable housing and prevent conversion in the first place.

Additionally, proactive measures to stop rent hikes can help to prevent the development-driven displacement of low-income residents and businesses, ensuring they will benefit from improvements to transit access,
neighborhood amenities, and social support networks.


11,439 affordable housing units were at risk of conversion to market rate as of 2018. (Los Angeles County Annual Affordable Housing Out comes Report by California Housing Partnership Corporation)

No at-risk affordable units converted to market rate

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