Goal 10

A sustainable and just food system that enhances access to affordable, local, and healthy food

Like other resources that Los Angeles County residents use every day such as electricity and water, food production and consumption practices can be either beneficial or harmful to the environment and our health. A sustainable and just food system is one in which every resident can eat foods that optimize their health and well-being without compromising the land where the food is grown and the ability of future generations to use that land. Our current system works primarily to support the reliable production of large quantities of food. Unfortunately, it does not adequately ensure that food production and distribution methods are equitable, environmentally sound, and supportive of community health.

The County of Los Angeles will leverage its capital assets, public services, and regulatory authority to improve access to healthy food within County boundaries while optimizing its purchasing power and business services to make food production more sustainable.



How will we work towards achieving this goal?

Strategy 10A

Improve access to healthy food

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Strategy 10B

Support the fair and sustainable production of food

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