Goal 2

Buildings and infrastructure that support human health and resilience

Buildings and infrastructure, such as our water system and tree canopy, are integral components of our daily lives. It is critical that these systems enable and support the well-being of the communities they serve. In the past, buildings were often constructed without consideration for sustainability, resilience, and health. For example, older buildings built without proper insulation and with large south-facing windows heat up quickly. This requires a significant amount of cooling and contributes to unhealthy environments.

Further, our infrastructure systems often lack resiliency and redundancy, such as a diverse range of water sources during droughts, use of open space to manage flooding, or cool surfaces and canopies that mitigate urban heat.

The buildings and infrastructure of both yesterday and tomorrow will need to utilize more efficient technologies and practices that reduce resource use, improve health, and increase resilience. For example, floodplain buybacks can restore natural functions and reduce flood impacts.

As the climate changes, our built environment will experience more shocks and stresses. We will need to ensure our buildings and infrastructure can adapt, or adjust and moderate impacts, cope with potential consequences, and even take advantage of potential  opportunities that climate events may create. OurCounty will help create a built environment that supports healthy, active lifestyles and adapts to provide protection against climate risks, now and in the future.



How will we work towards achieving this goal?

Strategy 2A

Integrate climate resilience and adaptation into planning, buildings, infrastructure, and community development decisions

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Strategy 2B

Require sustainable, healthy building design and construction

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Strategy 2C

Create an integrated and resilient water system

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Strategy 2D

Ensure a climate-appropriate, healthy urban tree canopy that is equitably distributed

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