Tag: Funding & Financing

Action 3

Conduct an inventory to identify all abandoned/idled oil and gas infrastructure in LA County, and work with DOGGR to develop and implement a closure plan, prioritized by condition and proximity to sensitive populations, that includes identification of potential funding sources.

Action 16

Study and implement best practices to maximize program enrollment and benefits in low-income rate assistance, energy efficiency and conservation, and renewable energy rebate and incentive programs, including proactive strategies to include:
- Renters;
- People with disabilities;
- Undocumented immigrants;
- People with limited English proficiency, and;
- Other communities traditionally left out of those programs.

Action 22

Provide support for small water systems to access State financing mechanisms, and advocate for development of new financing mechanisms to repair water infrastructure and/or incentives for consolidation, and ensure rates are kept affordable.

Action 23

Advocate for the development of a low interest financing mechanism for property owners to replace leaky, corroded, and/or unsafe pipes and fixtures.

Action 89

Support development of an equitable investment plan that identifies needed improvements to electricity and natural gas transmission, distribution, and storage systems and supports local renewable energy resources.

Action 136

Convene and engage stakeholders to oversee implementation of OurCounty by establishing a multilingual website to track implementation, issuing annual reports on progress, hosting annual meetings, and soliciting community input on budget priorities.

Action 140

Train County budget and grants personnel on principles of participatory budgeting to promote community engagement and transparency.

Action 142

Collaborate to create community-led programming in areas such as preparedness planning, environmental justice initiatives, and sustainability and resiliency education and outreach.

Action 150

Coordinate multi-jurisdictional efforts to seek local, state, federal, and philanthropic funding to support OurCounty initiatives, and provide technical assistance for smaller jurisdictions and tribal governments.

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