Goal 5

Thriving ecosystems, habitats, and biodiversity

LA County’s landscapes and ecosystems span islands, mountains, deserts, beaches, and coastlines. The region is home to the largest set of threatened and endangered plants and animals in the continental United States, and it is the most urbanized area to be designated one of Conservation International’s global Biodiversity Hotspots.

In addition to providing habitats for flora and fauna to thrive, the diverse landscapes throughout LA County offer residents and communities areas to be active and exercise or relax, greatly improving health and emotional well-being.

The region’s ecosystems, habitats, and biodiversity are under stress from urbanization and climate change. This crisis, driven largely by poor land use choices, threatens one million species worldwide, posing a profound threat to human well-being. Loss of biodiversity, or the variety of living organisms in LA County, impacts our health, food, air quality, water resources, and culture, among other important aspects related to our quality of life. Careful planning is needed to ensure that our ecosystems, including urban habitats, thrive as our region becomes increasingly urbanized.

The County of Los Angeles will redouble its efforts to protect our ecosystems, habitats, and rich biodiversity and allow them to flourish for the benefit of all County residents, flora, and fauna.



How will we work towards achieving this goal?

Strategy 5A

Increase ecosystem function, habitat quality, and connectivity, and prevent the loss of native biodiversity in the region

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Strategy 5B

Preserve and enhance open space, waterways, and priority ecological areas

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