Strategy 2B

Require sustainable, healthy building design and construction

Local governments have tremendous influence over shaping what the building stock of the future will look like. Their priorities should include energy- and carbon-efficient buildings that also support occupant
health and well-being.

Building performance standards, such as LEED, Passive House, WELL, or Living Building Challenge, take a variety of approaches towards resource efficient building design. By piloting building performance standards
and adopting the CALGreen building standards, the future building stock will help reduce energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions in the region.

We will focus especially on increasing the proportion of buildings that are net zero carbon. Net zero carbon means buildings will not contribute to climate change through their associated emissions, primarily by eliminating the use of fossil fuel energy.


The number of net zero carbon buildings in LA County is currently unknown. This information will begin to be collected as part of OurCounty's implementation process.

All new buildings and 50% of major building renovations to be net zero carbon

75% of major building renovations to be net zero carbon

100% of major building renovations to be net zero carbon

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