Tag: Public Health

Action 13

Identify and implement best practices to preserve and increase the amount of affordable housing proximate to job centers, transit, parks, and open space amenities.

Action 14

Enact a permanent rent stabilization ordinance for eligible rental units in unincorporated areas.

Action 16

Study and implement best practices to maximize program enrollment and benefits in low-income rate assistance, energy efficiency and conservation, and renewable energy rebate and incentive programs, including proactive strategies to include:
- Renters;
- People with disabilities;
- Undocumented immigrants;
- People with limited English proficiency, and;
- Other communities traditionally left out of those programs.

Action 17

Advocate for drinking water affordability through equitable utility pricing, CalFresh/EBT water supplements, reducing obstacles to lifeline rates and water-efficient appliance subsidies.

Action 18

Complete an assessment of the region's drinking water systems to identify resiliency to drought and shocks, as well as risk of water quality issues due to aging infrastructure, deferred maintenance, etc.

Action 19

Develop a program to map, monitor, address, and alert the public to drinking water quality issues that originate from on-site and systemic plumbing issues, incorporating reporting from water agencies as well as crowdsourcing.

Action 20

Collaborate with partners to expand lead testing of drinking water in schools and daycare facilities.

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