Strategy 9A

Reduce waste generation

The County will take aggressive action towards a zero-waste future. The large amounts of solid waste currently generated in LA County require infrastructural support, from storage to transportation to treatment
and processing. Landfills become quickly filled and require large amounts of land.

Our growing population and economy, particularly the manufacturing sector, create a large and complex waste stream that necessitates a multifaceted and well-coordinated approach to waste reduction. Better
data about waste will help us understand how to best craft long-term, multi-benefit solutions so the County can minimize waste and prevent its creation in the first place.


County residents and businesses generated 6 pounds of waste per person per day in 2017. (CalRecycle Disposal Reporting System)

Decrease by 25% overall per capita waste generation

Decrease by 30% overall per capita waste generation

Decrease by 35% overall per capita waste generation

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