The “Our County” Stakeholder Engagement Team invited nonprofit organizations throughout Los Angeles County to provide input on the topic of Transportation for the County’s first Sustainability Plan.

The “Transportation and People” workshop, held on July 27, 2018 at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College, attracted attendees from nonprofit organizations, as well as several public agencies, and members of the “Our County” Stakeholder Engagement team.

The workshop provided an explanation of how the “Our County” plan will be developed and an overview of transportation issues the County faces. After introducing the Transportation Goals from the Our County Transportation Briefing document, attendees were broken up into three different groups according to their topic of interest (Housing and Land Use, Economy and Workforce Development, and Public Health & Safety). Participants in each morning section were asked to provide comments on the proposed Transportation Goals related to the topic, and then rotated into an additional topic area to provide comments.

In the afternoon, participants were divided into seven focus groups to allow for more in-depth discussion around a specific topic and draw out participants’ expertise on the policy area as part of the interactive discussion that allowed participants to propose alternative or additional priority recommendations related to:

  • – Climate, Resilience, Fuels & Air Quality
  • – Active Transportation, Safety & Connectivity
  • – Freight and Goods Movement Corridors
  • – Access, Mobility & Shared Use
  • – ZEV/NZEVs & Charging Infrastructure
  • – Affordable Housing, Transit Infrastructure & Displacement
  • – Economy, Workforce Development & Displacement

While each nonprofit organization brought their own unique set of recommendations and input for the “Our County” plan, there was general support for the proposed Transportation Goals as presented in the Briefing document. Additionally, several common themes emerged throughout the workshop that either seek to address missing issues or enhance the Transportation Goals. The following are the top transportation-related themes identified:

Key Recommendations

  1. Improving transportation system safety and reliability through community-informed and community-approved methods with a priority on low income, low access communities.
  2. Promoting equitable mobility access and affordability that meets the needs of our most vulnerable residents, including, but not limited to, people with disabilities, homeless individuals, and the elderly.
  3. Advancing public health by eliminating transportation-related health impacts through electrification of transportation infrastructure, reduction in car dependency, and better land use practices.
  4. Strengthening transportation governance for better coordination, community engagement, and accountability.
  5. Stabilizing housing-insecure communities by safeguarding residents from increasing housing costs and displacement pressures due to transportation investments that raise nearby property values.


Comments on the key recommendations can be directed to

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