Tag: Economy & Workforce

Action 90

Develop and implement a strategy to eliminate fossil fuels in County operated co-generation facilities.

Action 122

Expand and support existing countywide programs that incentivize the development of local upcycling and recycling markets and quality recycled materials.

Action 126

Explore policy mechanisms for incentivizing food retail business practices that create family-sustaining wage jobs in historically impacted communities and expand access to high quality, healthy, sustainable food.

Action 132

Implement Good Food Purchasing Policy and/or other model policies that promote local, fair, and sustainable production of agricultural products and seafood, prioritizing vendors with certifications for sustainable agricultural practices related to water, public health, energy use, pesticides, and workers' rights.

Action 133

Analyze supply chains for food sold in Los Angeles County and develop recommendations for monitoring environmental (e.g., water and antibiotic use) and labor practices.

Action 135

Support local farmers and urban agriculture entrepreneurs in adopting regenerative agricultural practices, including those that sequester carbon, such as by offering training, technical assistance, and/or financing and adopting County policies that support regenerative agriculture.

Action 136

Convene and engage stakeholders to oversee implementation of OurCounty by establishing a multilingual website to track implementation, issuing annual reports on progress, hosting annual meetings, and soliciting community input on budget priorities.

Action 142

Collaborate to create community-led programming in areas such as preparedness planning, environmental justice initiatives, and sustainability and resiliency education and outreach.

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