Strategy 2D

Ensure a climate-appropriate, healthy urban tree canopy that is equitably distributed

The urban forest is an essential part of a healthy community, made up of trees on both public and private lands. Spread equitably and supported by other urban greening measures, a well-managed urban forest throughout LA County can deliver healthier soils, biodiversity, habitats, shading from heat, and greater community health and well-being. As a first step, the County will create and implement a Countywide Urban Forest Management Plan to prioritize resilient, climate-appropriate trees, understory vegetation, and native biodiversity. The plan will also conserve mature trees and properly manage resources to ensure that trees thrive in our urban environment.


LA County had 20% urban tree canopy cover as of 2016. (Los Angeles Regional Imagery Acquisition Consortium; Tree People; UCLA Center for Sustainable Communities)

Increase urban tree canopy cover by 10% of baseline

Increase urban tree canopy cover by 15% of baseline

Increase urban tree canopy cover by 20% of baseline

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